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DSC_9997Head Instructor: Sergio Cabrera

Muay Thai, also commonly known as Thai Boxing, is the national sport of Thailand. Muay Thai is also referred to as “The Art of 8 Limbs” as it employs the use of 8 striking points of the human body (2 fist, 2 elbows, 2 shins, and 2 knees). This combat sport also allows clinching, a form of stand-up grappling. At the Yamasaki Academy, students at our Muay Thai Rockville location will learn effective techniques for both competition and self-defense, all while developing skills such as devastating power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, as well as great cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.

Each Academy location offers advanced sparring and all-levels classes that will last one to one and a half hours. Individual classes cover Pads & Conditioning, Fundamentals & Clinching, and Sparring.

About Sergio

Sergio Cabrera was born to Guatemalan parents in the city of Los Angeles, California in 1982. At the age of 13 his father began teaching Sergio how to box for self-defense. In 1997, Sergio and his family moved to Maryland where he joined the Yamasaki Academy in 1998 training both BJJ and Muay Thai. He began competing in amateur Muay Thai fights and BJJ tournaments in 1999, excelling in both the ring and on the mat. Sergio currently holds the rank of Brown belt in BJJ.

In 2003, Sergio made the decision to stop participating in Muay Thai competitions in order to fully commit himself to teaching Muay Thai, becoming the Head Muay Thai instructor for the Yamasaki Academy HQ. Under his leadership Yamasaki students have participated in regional, national and international Muay Thai events, most notably:

Evolved Fighting held in Philadelphia, PA.
Thai Championship Boxing (TCB) in Northern VA.
Combat Sports Challenge (CSC) in Richmond, VA.
Friday Night Fights held in New York City, NY.
World Kickboxing Association (WKA) National and World Championships.

DSC_0023In always striving to improve his skills as a practitioner, and coach, of Muay Thai, Sergio traveled to Thailand in 2010 to train traditional Muay Thai straight from the source. So as to gain greater understanding of health, exercise, and to round out the extensive knowledge of Martial Arts gained from years of training, Sergio also has attained a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

Come and join the Muay Thai kickboxing DC crowd by attending some of our many classes.

Muay Thai Kickboxing Class Schedule – Muay Thai Rockville, MD location

Tuesday and Thursday
Pads & Conditioning 6 – 7pm ALL LEVELS
Fundamentals & Clinching 7 – 8:30pm ALL LEVELS

Sparring 9:30 – 11 am ADVANCE
Pads & Conditioning 11 – 12:30pm ALL LEVELS

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