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    On Saturday, November 17th, Rockville’s Yamasaki Academy took another step to becoming recognized as Maryland’s premier Muay Thai school. Four of our fighters went to represent at the Thai Championship Boxing event in Chantilly, VA. Yamasaki Academy Rockville has been competing in Thai-Boxing events throughout 2012, and we were happy to finish the year on a high note.

    Leanne Tangle stepped into the ring for her first amateur bout against a heavier and more experienced opponent. Undaunted, Leanne managed to stay in the fight and repeatedly walk her opponent down. Though she lost the match by decision, she proved her abilities and enthusiasm for competition. Leanne is the first female Muay Thai fighter from Yamasaki Rockville to compete in amateur Muay Thai, and she made everyone proud with her heart and composure.

    Konstantine Krapiva entered the ring for his 5th fight this year. One of our most active competitors, Konstantine fought hard against a last minute replacement. Though the fight was competitive, Konstantine lost a close decision. With his experience growing in every match, he shows great promise for the upcoming year.

    Our youngest Muay Thai competitor, Felipe Valentim, stepped into the ring for what turned out to be the fight of the night. Going against a much taller opponent, Felipe was able to expertly catch his opponent’s kicks, and deliver his own. Though the stadium was huge, you could hear Felipe’s punches land even if you were standing in the back of the room. Felipe displayed composure, technique and tenacity on his way to a unanimous decision victory in what was unquestionably the most action packed fight of the night.

    Felipe’s fight:

    Instructor, Scott Drummond, rounded out the evening of Yamasaki competitors as he stepped into his first full-rules Muay Thai bout. Full-rules implies that knee and elbow strikes to the head are legal. Scott is the first Yamasaki Rockville student to compete in a full-rules Muay Thai bout. With a great focus on technique and strategy, Scott was able to dominate his opponent with his clinch. Although his opponent weighed in 6 pounds heavier, and appeared very strong, Scott was able to completely negate any attacks that were thrown at him. Scott won his match via unanimous decision with dominating fashion.

    Scott’s Fight:

    2012 has been a great year for Rockville’s Yamasaki Academy. With a Silver and Bronze medal at the WKA World Championship, a regional championship belt, and a new batch of skilled and hungry fighters, we look to make even bigger waves in 2013. Please, stay tuned for information on upcoming Thai-Boxing events, and all other Yamasaki Academy related news.

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